About Us

Epernay Tasting & Orinituibak Co. Ltd.

The Epernay Tasting & Promotional Co. Ltd. leads the way for in-store tasting programs across Canada. For 20 years, our demonstrating teams have shown a high level of professionalism within the Wine, Liquor and Beer industry. Our managers make sure all the bells and whistles are initiated when we launch a new or existing product. Our teams are educated in all aspects, such as the history of the company we are representing, mixes that work well and new recipes. Their dynamic personalities encourage customers to try your new and existing products in the world of beverage alcohol. They educate the public with their knowledge of the art of entertaining and help select the perfect wine for dinner or to make a party come alive with the perfect spirits, beer or martinis. BELIEVE IT! We simply glow as we watch products we demonstrate heading towards the checkout counter, knowing that we have helped launch another winner.

We average over 7,000 in-store tastings a year and are justifiably proud of the professionalism and reliability that we bring to our clients; some have been with our company since its inception. The Owner/President Pauline Waite has worked over 30 years in the Promotional and Marketing industry and has applied her considerable business acumen to help companies reach their goals. We pride ourselves on our staff and managers across Canada; we work very hard training and motivating them to become professional marketing and sales experts within the liquor stores across Canada. We carry $5 million liquor liability insurance and are members of The Importers Association and The Wine Council of Ontario.

Why Epernay?

Advertising & Promotion
Store Managers agree that the best form of advertising is to allow the customer to taste the difference between brands.
Wow the Consumers
When the public believe they have tasted it all ... along comes a unique tasting experience and we have delivered it on behalf of our Clients.
Brand Building
There are many brands which were built by the tasting program that were represented by Epernay.



Cost Effective
Average sampling during a 4 hour period is approximately 70 samples per store. This works out at a cost to your at approximately 4 to 7 cents per sample depending on product being merchandized.
Increased Product Sales
Sales vary according to the store but always remember you may also be saving a listing by being at that store or assisting in moving a new product.
Create Excitement
Our in-store demonstrations create excitement on the selling floor, add seasonality, and promotes an interactive shopping environment to the customers.



Epernay is well known across Canada as being a reliable professional company and works well with government liquor outlets and private chains.
The Importers Association and The Wine Council of Ontario.
We offer
A Professional Courteous Tasting Experience Designed to Promote Sales.

All you need to supply ... is the date! We do the rest!

Our Managers
(Our Sales Force)

We have nine Managers across Canada who do the hiring/interviewing/stock checks/works with Sales Representatives from different companies and liaise with liquor store managers on a regular basis and report to the head office. All these aspects put together create a successful tasting.

Area Managers Experience
and Roles of Responsibility

  • All have prominent experience in Sales/Marketing. They work closely with the liquor store managers/staff in each of their areas.

  • Hiring and training of new qualified staff.

  • Sales meetings with demonstrators/bartenders/head office.

  • Liaison between Epernay head office and demonstrators/bartenders and liquor store staff.

  • Store checks for stock 3 times prior to tasting date liaise with head office.


  • Monitor tastings while in progress and being on call during weekends.

  • Have staff available to re-fill stores in case of changes.

  • Photos of demonstrations.

  • Product knowledge for tasting and general knowledge of all aspects regarding demonstrations.

  • Each period send out a newsletter on upcoming tastings and products.